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Easy on&off, slide into your best jog, walk,run.......with exceptional lightweight design, with soft and breathable inner layer provide cozy walking & leisure experience.
Signature Style
From architect’s viewpoint to rethinking the possible way for footwear fashion in urban leisure landscape. with careful articulation & proportion design to form up this unique outlook and limitless style potential within limited framework.
Hand- made
Every AirMove Urban upper is crafted with high quality hand-making process with unique material selection - Tyvek®. With the new developed last, each footwear is made for unique feeling and style for your urban living.
Sustainable Value
As part of our creative mission, we always set the environmental responsibilities inline with every product. The AirMove Urban footwear have carefully selected material application - Tyvek® (100% recycleable) to keep the balance between aesthetic and sustainable value.
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